Interview with Marketa Klenorova

Markéta, 03. 08. 2023

Interview with Marketa Klenorova


I combined my two passions. That’s how Unlikely was born.


Meet Markéta Klenorová, the owner of Unlikely. In this interview, you will learn, among other things, what her life motto is, and where she gets her inspiration.


Hello Markéta, looking around the Unlikely store, it is clear that you pick out vintage pieces with

love. How did you get into vintage design?


I have actually been interested in design all my life and even had a time when I was directly interested in furniture production. I got into vintage furniture through traveling and frequent stays abroad. There, vintage furniture and decorations are much more often used in homes, hotels, and restaurants.


Do you have a favorite place you often return to?


For example, my favorite hotel The Beekman Hotel in New York City, located not far from the Brooklyn Bridge. Its interior combines 19th-century design with 21st-century decadence. It’s a wonderful, elegant place in the middle of bustling New York City. I recommend visiting it. Even if you can only stop at their restaurant – they cook excellently there. 


Speaking of favorite places, where do you actually get your inspiration from?


I like an elegant style that is not subject to fashion trends. It must be playful and have something interesting about it. For many years I subscribed to Architectural Digest magazine. Now, in the age of social media, in addition to the aforementioned Architectural Digest, I also follow Vogue Living. At the moment I am interested in the designer Tamsin Johnson, she inspires me a lot. She is one of the top contemporary designers, designs amazing interiors, and also sells vintage furniture.


Did she also inspire you to create Unlikely? Or is there another reason behind it?


In short, I missed this kind of furniture and decoration store, where the beauty of world design is combined with the vintage spirit here in Prague. This is also why I wanted Unlikely to be not only a studio online but also a brick-and-mortar store where customers can view and buy the goods.


What about your free time, do you have other hobbies besides design?


I really like to travel, I like good food and especially beautiful things. In Unlikely, I actually combined my two passions. My motto is:

„When you have beautiful things around you, the world is more beautiful.“


So your work is actually a hobby, you could say. How do you select and purchase products for



I buy instinctively. I often make decisions based on whether I like the item or not. For Unlikely, I only choose what I myself would like to have at home. I shop and travel all over Europe. Some pieces are from various auctions and fairs. And then I love flea markets. Sometimes I buy a finished piece and sometimes the piece needs to be repaired, reupholstered, and buy a new lampshade,… it’s kind of a game.


Markéta, will you finally tell us what made you the happiest in the last year?


Opening Unlikely. I’m not a very brave person, and by deciding to open Unlikely, I overcame myself. I am very happy about this.


Thank you.


Come and meet Markéta Klenorová in person at Osadní 10. She would love to chat with you not only about traveling and design but also about the fate of furniture and accessories that you can only find at Unlikely.

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