How do you keep vintage furniture in perfect condition?

Markéta, 11. 04. 2024


How to keep vintage furniture in perfect condition?

Vintage furniture brings the charm of the past, elegance and ageless beauty to our homes. But how do you keep it in perfect condition to retain its charm and value?
Many people believe that old furniture is durable and requires no maintenance, but the opposite is true. Regular care and proper maintenance are key to maintaining its beauty and functionality.
We have prepared 7 simple tips for you.

1. Regular cleaning is the foundation

Regular cleaning of vintage furniture is key to long-term preservation of its quality. Always use soft cloths to avoid damaging the surface.

2. Do not postpone repairs

If you find any damage on your vintage furniture, don’t put off repairing it. The sooner you address the problem, the less chance there is of the damage getting worse.

3. Bet on the experts

Sometimes it is best to leave the care of vintage furniture in the hands of professionals. They know exactly how to deal with old wood, what materials to use and how to proceed so that the furniture is not damaged.

4. Furniture placement plays an important role

Where you place your furniture can have a big impact on its lifespan. Avoid direct sunlight, which can fade the colors, as well as places with high humidity, which can damage the furniture. The location near the heater is also not suitable – the heat could cause cracks.

5. Do not place heavy objects on vintage furniture

The placement of heavy objects can cause deformation of the furniture, even if it is of good quality and well preserved.

6. Use safe cleaning products

Use gentle cleaning products that do not contain aggressive chemicals to preserve the original surface of the furniture. Chemical agents can damage the furniture or cause it to fade.

7. Use special products

There are special products designed for cleaning and maintaining vintage furniture. Beeswax definitely belongs among the “must have” products. It helps to highlight the natural beauty of the wood, and also protects its surface from damage. It creates a protective layer on the surface of the furniture that prevents the ingress of dust and dirt. Beeswax is also very useful if you need to repair minor scratches on furniture. It helps fill in scratches and restore the furniture to its original appearance.

The furniture also needs to be regularly treated with special protective oils to maintain its strength and shine. Regularly rub the furniture with special oils and products so that the wood is properly and nourished.

By taking care of vintage furniture regularly, you will not only extend its life, but also its beauty, thanks to which you will enjoy it, even more.



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